*** Attention ***

Of late the number of grant applications from India filed with our foundation, has been increasing to levels which are impossible to cope with.


Both our (not unlimited) financial resources and the time constraints faced by the members of the committee responsible for assessing and deciding on the various donation requests, have caused us to take the following decision:


Until further notice applications for grants  from Indian parties with whom we do not have a relationship yet, will no longer be entertained and also not be responded to.


We sincerely do regret that we have been forced to take this position but as soon as circumstances will allow, we will reopen again the possibility to apply  by deleting this message from our web-site.

*** ***

Criteria for donation applications to Muttathara

Applications for financial support of projects will have to at least obey the following criteria:

1. Donations will only be assigned to, or on behalf of projects, in developing countries outside of Europe.

2. Assigned donations will be on behalf of projects who aim for:
a. the development of poor people, mainly women and children with the result of a greater economic independency of these groups. When funds are being assigned for this purpose, the revenues ofthe production means to be purchased, need to be used to set up a Revolving Fund to also let other people in the local community profit of these funds.
b. improvement of the local health care, education (schools) or (sustainable) infrastructure for drinking water and/or sanitation as well as agricultural irrigation projects.

3. For applications coming from a developing country it is mandatory that the project to be supported, is embedded in the local community.

4. A contribution of 10% from the applicant is mandatory.

5. Donations to projects are temporarily with a few exceptions. This means that donations should be assigned to the investment costs and start up exploitation costs only. Applications for contribution of structural exploitations costs and overhead costs of the organizations itself, will not be honored.

6. Only applications coming from the developing country ítself, will be honored.

7. Cost for the use of experts or travelling expenses will not be taken into account.

8. On request of organizations who have an existing relationship with our Foundation, it is possible after a natural disaster in the area where the organization is working, to get emergency aid. The maximal amount for this emergency aid is EUR 2.000,- per application.

9. To lndian organizations who app'y for a donation, a valid FCRA code is necessary.

10. Applications of donations should always be accompanied by a short description or explanation of the project to be supported, and the budget requested. Furthermore afterwards an accountability report with the financial figures and a valid accountant statement should be delivered as soon as possible. See enclosed application form for a donation (F-v1.1)